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Havok Gamers Staff Rules
Havok Gamers Staff Rules:

By becoming Staff here at Havok Gunz. You are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions of the Staff and Regular Player Rules. Please read both sets of Rules carefully and clearly.

In- Game:

  • Announce once a day to invite players, friends, and family to Havok Gamer Gunz.
  • Use English whenever interacting with another player or Staff. ONLY use your primary language whenever a player or Staff does NOT speak English. 
  • Do not Disconnect/ kick any player with no valid reason. (There is a disconnection log.) This will result in demotion up to ban. 
  • Do NOT ban or mute without proper screenshots (proof). (There is a ban and mute log.)
  • Do NOT use any Staff Items/ Staff weapons in any game mods except in Events. This will result of automatic demotion up to ban. 
  • If you are caught hacking (using modified or altered software commands) it will result in automatic demotion AND permanent ban.
  • Do NOT Insult or Discriminate any players or Staff. Treat everyone as equal. This will result in automatic Demotion up to mute.
  • Do not advertise any other Gunz private server In-Game. This will result in automatic demotion AND ban.
  • Spamming, Insulting, and Scamming will result in automatic demotion up to mute.
  • If you are inactive for a maximum of two weeks, your account will be automatically demoted. (Tell Administrators if you will be taking some time off.)
  • Do NOT share any account information. If a Staff Members account is being played by two people; that will result in automatic demotion. 
  • Do NOT ask for any Players/ Staff account information (exp. User IDs or Passwords). This will result in automatic demotion.
  • Make sure you report with screenshots (proof) first before you ban or mute a player. If the player complains before the report has been submitted. This will result in automatic demotion.
  • Any topics or threats of you leaving or resigning from Staff (only if just once) will result in automatic demotion 
  • Do NOT mention any Gunz server you used to player or still are playing. This will result in advertisement and you will be automatically demoted. 

  • If you get reported by a player or Staff do NOT insult or threaten the individual. This will result in warning up to demotion up to mute.
  • Do not give your Forums account information away. If you have been hacked or two people are playing on a Staff account it will result in automatic demotion.
  • Do NOT reply to a Thread/Post with only a few words. Make sure you write enough to make sense of what you're saying.
  • Do NOT make any Threads or Post with inappropriate words or pictures (nudity). This will result in automatic demotion up to ban.
  • [b]Any topics or threats of you leaving or resigning from Staff (only if just once) will result in automatic demotion [/b]
  • [b]Do NOT insult, spam, or scam any players or Staff in private message or chat room. This will result in automatic demotion up to mute. [/b]
  • [b]Do NOT ask for any players or Staffs Forums account information. If you get reported this will result in automatic demotion up to mute.[/b]
In-Game Events: 
  • All event MUST be in Event Channel ONLY.
  • Do NOT gift your friends or family and coins or events coins as a prize for the event if they did not win. 
  • Have integrity and honor when playing. (exp: HnS Event and you see your friend, kill them.) Do NOT cheat.
  • Do NOT falsify any Events. If you have announced an Event you MUST make an Event. 
  • You can Host an Event anytime you would like.
  • Event Winners CANNOT send their points/ prize to another player. It must go to their account and they can send it to whomever they please.
  • The Hosting Staff Member must be the master of the room and the one to start the Event.
  • If you are assisting in an Event you CANNOT host or Start the game. The Staff who is Hosting the Event can.

Reminder:  Staff Members are held to a higher standard than players. Staff Members have to follow Staff Rules and Regular Rules. If you have any questions ,comments, or concerns please private message me or any Staff Member that is online. Advertise Havok Gunz on all social media (exp: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, ect.) Thank you. 
-Forums Moderator-
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