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Forum Moderator Application Format
Staff Application Format for "Forum Moderator":

**Note:  All answers MUST contain a minimum of two sentences each or your Application will get -DENIED-**

**Note: Do NOT mention any Gunz servers that you used to play or still are playing. This will result in a -DENIED- application.**





Tell us about yourself:

Why should we hire you?:

What experience do you have that would help you?: 

How active will you be on Forums and In-Game on a daily basis?:

Tell us your Strength and Weaknesses:

How do you handle Stress?:

If you become Staff what can you contribute to the Server?:

Which do you prefer? Working on a Team or Working Independently and why?: 

*Note: Any Staff Applications that are copied or altered in any will result in a-DENIED- application.*
-Forums Moderator-
Thanks given by: DirectDelete

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