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Guna "s Trail Staff appl.
Name: R.Guna shekar

Age: 18

Country: India

Language(s):  english , kannada , hindi , tamil , telugu .

Tell us about yourself: Myself has i told iam guna shekar , all call me has guna , doing my MMBS  @ ramaiya college. My past work is Gunz . i can handle any situtation.

Why should we hire you?: Myself , i can handle any situation with any player at any instant of time .

What experience do you have that will help you?: i was Gm at Empire gunz , Enigma gunz , know the work with a good experience .

How active will you be on Forums and In-Game on a daily basis?: daily can stay some 3 hours in game n forums 7-8 hours . at sunday 24 hours i can[if no power cut].

Tell us your Strength and Weaknesses:My strength is my english n my host n my game play.
weakness is talking rubbish cannot be tolrated.

How do you handle Stress?:
i will go out n take deep breath n cm in . will remain clam @ any situation.

If you become Staff what can you contribute to the Server?: i will help in event hosting take care of players , help them at any time.

Which do you prefer? Working on a Team or Working Independently and why?: i Prefer both coz team work bring works easy. but at some instants ur solo work contribute more value.
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