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Shots application
Name: Manjunath

Age: 17

Country: India GMT-5:30

Language(s): English(fluent), Tamil , Kannada ..

Tell us about yourself: I have finished sslc and im trying to become automobile eng. so im going to join diplomo in automobile dep. and my nick is michel and manja.

Why should we hire you?: im being online on internet than ingame so i can be best in forum vise than game ..

What experience do you have that would help you?: "behavior" with normal members and with staffs..

How active will you be on Forums and In-Game on a daily basis?:
forum: 5-9 hours
ingame: 3-4 hours

Tell us your Strength and Weaknesses: my strength is my soul and my weakness is my skills.

How do you handle Stress?: by eating ..

If you become Staff what can you contribute to the Server?: forum more active.

Which do you prefer? Working on a Team or Working Independently and why?:
= Independently work b coz if i did a mistake ,i should only correct it before others blame on me.

closing: My application is not filled with two or more sentences b coz i like simple application with grand outcome...
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Hi bro thank's for apply. Just wait the owner accept your application. Smile
Thanks given by: Trim
Not to bad Trim, there’s a format for a reason though. I would recommend adding just a LITTLE bit more to these answers but if you’re satisfied then good luck to when our owner looks at it!
-Forums Moderator-
Thanks given by: Trim
I'm satisfied with my answers
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Its Good To Have You As Per The Application. So For Further Process Join Me On Facebook Too. And Mgs Me.
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