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Havok Gamers Rules
***Havok Gamers Rules, Regulations, Agreements, and Violations***

  • Do NOT give your user id or password to anyone. 
  • If your account gets hacked and the password has changed, use the recover password link below the log in link. Staff/ Administrators will NOT give you any user id or passwords regarding your account information.
  • If you are scammed out of your coins or event points by another player Staff or Administrators will NOT reimburse your coins or event points. Please have screenshots (proof) of the incident.
  • Selling accounts is against Havok Gamers Rules and the account will be banned.
  • Staff or Administrators will NOT ask or give out account information to anyone even if it is your account. 
Forum Rules:
  • Advertising is against the rules and will result in automatic ban.
  • Swearing or using inappropriate words will result in automatic mute.
  • Discrimination will NOT be tolerated and will result in mute up to ban.
  • Do NOT gloat or prove that you are better than someone. Treat everyone equal.
Rules for In-Game:
  • Hacking will result in permanent ban.
  • Bad words of character/ clan names will result in deletion up to ban.
  • Spamming/ Insulting will result in warning up to mute.
  • Inappropriate clan emblems will result in deletion.
  • Respect players and Staff.
  • Treat players and Staff as equal.
  • Advertising will result automatic ban.
  • Swapping/ Free killing/ Trading kills will result in account reset up to ban.
  • Clan swapping/ Free killing/ Trading win and loses will result in clan reset and up to ban of both clans accounts.
  • Do NOT insult players or Staff, If so it will result in warning uo to mute.
  • Report all hackers, scammers, bugs, glitches, swappers, spammers, defaults to Staff and or Administrators.
  • Disrespecting or Insulting will result in warning up to mute.
  • Do NOT share accounts or give away any account information.
  • If you get banned or muted by a Staff Member do NOT ask another Staff Member to lift your ban or mute. Use the unban and unmute sections of the forum to get unbanned or unmuted. (Adminstartors will look over the issue)
  • Staff can help new accounts in quest to level up with the exception of high level account (40+).
  • Report any Staff disobeying Havok Gamer Rules.
In-Game Events:
  • Events are authorized in Event channel ONLY.
  • Staff have the right to kick any player from thier Event.
  • Do NOT insult, spam, or rage at any Staff if you get kicked from their Event.
  • Do NOT join any fake Events not hosted by a Staff Member.
  • Staff members can enable or dis-enable their chat/ wisper at any time.

Reporting Staff:
  • Before reporting a Staff Member make sure you have screenshots (proof) first.
  • [b]If a Staff Member is insulting, spamming, scamming, swapping please report with screenshots (proof).[/b]
  • [b]If a Staff Member is using their Staff powers and or Ubers (Staff Weapons) please report with screenshots (proof)[/b]
  • [b]If a Staff Member does not send prizes to Event winners please report with screenshots (proof).[/b]
[b]Punishment/ Penalty for breaking Havok Gamers Rules:[/b]
  • Hacking - Permanent ban.
  • Swapping, Free killing, Trading Kills - 1st offense = kick from room. 2nd offense = 1-5 day ban. 3rd offense = character reset up to ban.
  • Spamming - 1st offense = warning. 2nd offense = mute 1-2 days. 3rd offense = mute 3-7 days.
  • Discriminating/ Making fun of other people - 1st offense = warn. 2nd offense = mute 1-2 days. 3rd offense = mute 3-7 days. 
  • Advertising - permanent ban.
  • Scamming - 1st offense = warn. 2nd offense 3-5 ban. 3rd offense = permanent ban. 
  • Unauthorized use of staff weapons/ gear - Demotion

Thank you for taking your time and reading Havok Gamers Rules. If you have any questions, comments or concerns please private message myself or any Staff Member that is online. Thank you.
-Forums Moderator-
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